setSpacesRE 【初心者向けWordPressブログ始め方!完全解説】


setSpacesRE( $re = ‘/[^Sxa0]/’ )
‘Set regular expression to detect withespaces or word separators. The pattern delimiter must be the forward-slash character ”/”. Some example patterns are:
Non-Unicode or missing PCRE unicode support: ”/[^Sxa0]/”
Unicode and PCRE unicode support: ”/(?!xa0)[sp{Z}]/u”
Unicode and PCRE unicode support in Chinese mode: ”/(?!xa0)[sp{Z}p{Lo}]/u”
if PCRE unicode support is turned ON (”P” is the negate class of ”p”):
s : any whitespace character
p{Z} : any separator
p{Lo} : Unicode letter or ideograph that does not have lowercase and uppercase variants. Is used to chunk chinese words.
xa0 : Unicode Character ‘NO-BREAK SPACE’ (U+00A0)’